What is a Unity Photographer?

There are a plenty of freelance jobs that allow you to make a nice bit of income by doing photography work from home, but as a Unity Photographer, you’ve got a chance to earn money and make a positive impact on the world at the same time. True to the name, Unity opens up the door to join a team of unified passionate people from around the world who are all equally driven in their mission to make the planet a better place for all who live in it.

While Unity photographers are certainly skilled in their craft; each unity photography possesses a true desire to make a positive mark on the world while we have the chance to do so. It may be impossible for just one person alone to solve all of the world’s issues all on their own, but as a team, the ceiling on what we can do gets raised that much higher.

Now of course, in addition to having that base desire to make the world a better place, what makes Unity members stand out is their unmistakable photography skills. Unity photographers are just as passionate about the fine art of composition and photo set development as they are about their ultimate aim to help leave the world just a little better than it was when they first came into it.

There are plenty of highly talented photographers out there who are just hurting for opportunities to use their skills for a greater purpose. With HENOSIS, fusing your affinity for photography with a purpose that truly fuels your passion for change has really never been easier.


Make money supporting Charities

The photography work that you do through Unity improves the world by serving as a beacon of support for charities. Because there are so many different causes out there for charities to contribute to, HENOSIS offers its unity photographers complete freedom to choose where their photography skills should be contributed to in order to better the world.

Whatever your favorite charity may be, Unity Photography gives you the perfect chance to make your skills make a difference. Whether it’s to help a charity that improves the welfare of animals or a charity that assists in making it so that a greater quality of healthcare for children, HENOSIS gives you the full range of freedom that you need to use your photography for a great purpose.

The compensation model offered to all Unity photographers, no matter what their favorite charities of choice may be, is one that issues payment every time that a brand uses the photograph that they take. In order to maximize their chances of getting the full degree of compensation that they’d like, all that Unity photographers need to do is take as many photographs as possible; naturally, this is something that passionate photographers would be doing whether or not they were part of a network that specialized in it!

Impact brands through photography work from home

Photography work with HENOSIS gives you an awesome avenue of potential to make a lasting impact on brands. As you likely already know, the effect that brands make on the world doesn’t just manifest in a material sense, but also in an entirely image-based sense.

The ways that brands are presented to the world have a very serious effect on societal trends. Even with all of the right elements in the right places in terms of how they’re designed from the ground-up, the way that they’re presented to the world at large has a very significant impact on how much backing that they ultimately get in the end.

You could try to make an impact on how brands are interpreted just by throwing thousands of dollars at them, but it’s a much more cost-efficient method to cut right through to the chase with photography. The saying that a picture is worth a thousand words holds true when it comes to making a serious impression on the people that brands can benefit from being supported by.

All of the potential benefits that a charity has to offer the world can easily be detailed in a 2,000-page document, but why not go for something more effective with a simple photograph that shows the charity at work? It’s entirely possible to spend millions of dollars making a direct appeal to the public by logically explaining why a cause is so valuable, but why not do that and immediately show people the benefit instead of only telling them?

With the images that you produce with your continued work as a professional Unity photographer, you can empower your cause through the aid of the most ancient medium that human beings have to gain greater understanding about the world around them: their vision. You can do what you love, make a living and make the world better at the same time.