What is a Unity Designer?

This job title is our unique way of describing a graphic designer. Not just any graphic designer, however. A HENOSIS Unity Designer materializes the commercial-minded ideas of a clothing company’s representative (a Unity Ambassador) into a minimal viable product, which is also called an MVP. If the representative of the brand (the Unity Ambassador, remember) approves the graphic designer’s MVP, the brand starts a one month pre-sale period, and the brand’s launch-cycle Begins. We at HENOSIS market the brand all throughout its many channels and starts producing the clothing in accordance with the approved Unity Designer’s pattern. Each sale generates money for the Unity Designer, the Unity Ambassador, not to mention the 20% of that money that goes toward the charity of the Unity Ambassador’s choice, wherever they may be in the world and no matter where the charity is based. You see, we permit remote design; you might even say we actually encourage it. But to conclude, when the pre-sale period finishes, we start shipping orders out to our customers. With our tip-top distribution system and warehouse team in place, we can fill all orders, shipping the clothes in 5-7 days, even if you count weekends. Sales are reported half-way through each month, and we distribute commission checks on the first. The whole platform is crowd-sourced and completely free.

Our company does not discriminate in its choice of Unity Designers — or any other employees, for that matter. Race, religion, national origin, sex, age, or disability cannot affect your chance of being hired. (This is especially true of international companies such as we exemplify.) We allow remote design, and if you have the required graphic design skills, you have a chance to realize the dream of making a difference in the world and impact a fashionable clothing brand that supports charity. If you unite the community, you can unite the world, they say.


Make money supporting Charities

Being a HENOSIS Unity Designer can be a full-time job that pays accordingly. Joining up is totally free, and for each design you create (aided by a Unity Ambassador), we compensate you. We currently support all kinds of charities — suicide awareness programs, breast cancer foundations… You name it; we give to it. And your giving will also raise awareness for it. The charities we support receive checks bi-annually in the name of the HENOSIS Unity Ambassador and the brand they represent. Meanwhile, you earn a 10% profit share each time an item of your design sells during its first month. Thereafter, we pay you 7% of the profit share for as long as the Unity Ambassador remains in our ecosystem. (Just imagine the years and years of increasing profits rolling your way!)We tally up the sales on the fifteenth of each month and distribute royalty checks on the 1st. Each new brand that joins HENOSIS contracts for at least a year, which Guarantees you potential revenue generation for a year, post design. Once you enter the platform, we match you with someone from our excellent Creatives Team. Tell them your every question and they will help resolve any issues that arise during your design phase.

By joining forces with us, you not only hire yourself but also make a lasting impact for charities across the world. And do not forget that uniting as a community is valuable. In a very particular sort of way, it unites the whole world. Supporting us at HENOSIS is a cause for pride.

Impact through design

With your graphic design skills, you can represent how the public sees the brand we have teamed you with.
(And by the by, we work very hard to match you up with a brand that is likely to see eye-to-eye with you, your plans, and your values.) You can style their public image. Their popularity, success, and innovativeness rest in your hands, and you are free to use your imagination and inventiveness to the full. You, as one of our Unity Designers, can arrange clothing designs for men, women, and children across the world from you and impact a fashionable clothing brand that supports charity. Perhaps you could even set a trend in modern dressing. If you need help, you have a friend in your Unity Ambassador or your Unity Photographer (oh yes, we team you with one of those, too) as the case may be. And your designs and their successes will influence how much the brand you are paid to assist can donate to your charity via apparel purchases. So feel free to make your every project extravagantly, specially unique. What a deal! And what do you know. Joining this fantastic company is completely free.