What is a Unity Ambassador?

Unity Ambassadors come from all walks of life. They look like your aunt, your college roommate, that cool neighbor across the street with the well-trained dog. In fact, they also look like you!

The cool thing about Unity Ambassadors is that no two are exactly alike and Unity prides itself in diversity. Diversity means that everyone can showcase their unique gifts to the world and that translates to a greater understanding of the different types of brands we work with.

You’ll be able to find something that connects to your life mission and beliefs. Brand ambassadors don’t have to fit into one mold to work with us, and that translates to a mission you can get fully on board with.

One thing all Unity ambassadors have in common is the desire to make a real difference in their communities. Being an ambassador isn’t about wearing the merch or taking a good picture. Ambassadors are the living embodiment of the mission of the brand. Your brand believes in the same things that you do, and so you’ll have the opportunity to change your community for the better.

The world needs your passion and your idealism for a better future. The days of businesses getting away with selling products or services that provide no value beyond their immediate commodity are over. Now, brands who have a vision for a better world are rising above their competition.

This is your chance to work directly with communities you care about to influence society and enact real change in the world. You can use your unique self and make a direct difference to those around you by raising money for charities and other qualified organizations.


Build Brand Awareness

The internet has made people skeptics. 15 years ago, you could be anyone you wanted online and that included brands and businesses. Now, people are more discerning of who they interact with, and they are better at uncovering the real motives of online organizations.

So what’s a brand to do? Having real people as the face of the brand’s mission builds trust with the community and provides a brand a way to connect directly with people who care about the same thing. In the anonymity of the internet, this face to face relationship is critical to brand success.

Unity ambassadors connect with their network of people and organically build awareness. Grassroots awareness is far better than splashy internet marketing because it relies on a genuine connection. People want to create relationships with brands because they want to support brands with the same values.

From here brands can reach out more effectively on social media because the social media networks of ambassadors were already built on trust and a mutual belief in the same mission or lifestyle. Brands don’t have to build an audience from scratch from people already skeptical of internet marketing. Instead, ambassadors connect their brand with their already existing networks.

A positive aspect of this partnership is that your brand will get seen while supporting charities that hold the same values as your brand mission. This creates further trust with your target audience because they are already connected to the same types of groups, and your mutual ideals forge a connection.

A real connection with people who share your same values. Genuine relationships in spite of distance. Building communities and a better world together with others. This is everything a 21st-century brand could hope for.

Boost your Company’s Public Relations

Imagine you’re buying a car. You go to the cliche used car lot and meet the cliche used car salesman. That salesman is trained in marketing tactics and to some extent public relations, yet you still feel like you’re dealing with sleaze.

Now imagine that your good friend buys and sells cars. You know your friend is a person you can trust, and when you need a car, your friend is willing to find one. When this happens, you feel safe and confident buying the car because it’s built on trust.

This is the same type of relationship unity ambassadors have. It isn’t enough to type out your brand’s mission on your website and hope for people to come. You have to be proactive about using your brand to show the world your mission.

If you approach public relations from this perspective, it makes sense to join Henosis’ unity ambassador program because you start from a place of trust already and as your brand interacts with charities and causes that align with the mission, you become a socially responsible contributor to your community.

Your brand will become associated with positive change and with helping those in need. You can be known just as a salesman, or you can be in a trusted partnership with your customers and the community around you. This is a more valuable relationship and a better way to look at your marketing.

Doing something you already believe in is vital to living in the current world, and as the world gets smaller, you need to put your marketing where your mouth is. Be proactive in being the change you want to see in the world, not just an image of something wonderful and your customer base will come to you.

It’s a better way to do business.

Unite the Community through partnership charitable contributions

We’ve worshiped the bootstrapping individual for so long that we’ve almost forgotten humanity’s roots in community involvement, and now it’s time to get back to the supportive community we were made for through partnership charitable contributions.

Think about it. Building a thriving community in which you support your customer base ensures that they can support you and your mission in return. Social responsibility isn’t just a buzzword. It’s a fundamental part of a peaceful society.

You are also giving jobs to local photographers and graphic designers by participating, and their creative efforts help to raise the overall consciousness of the community. When people can do what they love and what they are passionate about, everyone benefits.

Strong, thriving communities are part of what makes businesses and brands successful. Long term thinking tells us brands that integrate fully into the mission of their communities are more successful and able to give back even more. You supply jobs. You support people’s creative passions. You get to know your customer base and develop relationships.

Supporting charities and causes shows your community that you believe in its future and that we are stronger when we are united. No one has to make it alone. The days of worshiping the bootstrapping individual are over. We can build a world that supports everyone and doesn’t let any person or community fall through the cracks.