How To Promote Clothing Line On Instagram

How To Promote Clothing Line On Instagram

You are a small business owner with clothes that will make their mark on the fashion world. You may already be posting pictures of your clothes to social media websites like Facebook because you know that fashion and social media is a great partnership. What you may not know is which social media site is best for fashion branding. Instagram is a perfect start for successful fashion marketing campaigns after learning how to promote clothing line on Instagram.

Instagram is a photo-sharing Internet based application for your mobile device and desktop. The social media site allows you to share videos and pictures to pre-approved followers either publicly or privately. Launched in 2010, the mobile app is free on both the Android and iOS operating systems.

As you read this, you may be wondering why you should invest time promoting on Instagram instead other social media sites. It is a good question since it seems like a new social media app is introduced to the market daily. Instagram is not a trendy platform fad. It is here to stay for many reasons. For instance, the best fashion social media campaigns have a visual marketing component. Customers want to see what they are getting and providing a picture of your clothing accomplishes that goal. Instagram is better than other social media sites because you are encouraging interaction with potential customers who view an image of your clothing. Customers are not into reading about your clothing line, they want to see it. Instagram will do that for them. It drives traffic to your website too. You can link your Instagram post to your website in your bio. Mentioning your website or using a call to action (CTA) in your posts will send Instagram users to your website to purchase your clothing.

How To Promote Clothing Line Mobile Device UsersMore importantly, Instagram is where customers are. More than a third of Instagram users have used their mobile devices to purchase online products. This makes Instagram users 70 percent more likely to make an online purchase than those who do not use Instagram.

The number of people on Instagram makes it the ideal social media marketing tool for clothing. Social media marketing refers to promoting a service or product on a social media site. Social media marketing allows you to track the success of your campaign. This way you can see how many users are viewing your Instagram posts and how many of the site’s users are becoming your customers.

How to Promote Clothing Line on Instagram

Right now you may be thinking about your clothing line marketing plan. Instagram is a great social media marketing tool because users are able to immediately view images of your clothing without having to go to your website or stopping by your store. However, attracting and retaining customers on Instagram is not a simple as posting a picture of your clothing. You need clothing brand marketing ideas. Here are some tips for you to use to promote your clothing line on Instagram:

Create a WOW profile for your Instagram Clothing Line

This profile is to explain what your company is about, the type of clothing for sale and what you can offer them. The goal of this profile is not to discuss you, but give users a reason to connect with your clothing line and care about your brand. This is your chance to directly engage with your audience. It is important to include your username, name, company’s profile photo, bio and links to website.

How To Promote Clothing Line BioYour username should be the name of your clothing company. If your name and the company name are the same, you have a personal brand. Thus, use your first and last name or some combination of your name. Your username is how your audience will remember your clothing line.

Your name should be the name of the business. The profile photo must reflect the beliefs and values of your brand. This photo can be an image of your clothing or current company logo. The photo’s dimensions are 110px x 110px, which is circular. Keep that in mind when choosing your profile photo.

Your bio must be engaging and give your followers a reason to completely read it, not just skim it. Your bio cannot be more than 150 characters long. Include a CTA at the end of your bio.

Adding your website link sounds easy, but there are certain things you must do to ensure your customers find your clothing line. You can make your link more memorable by using Also, optimize your link to be viewed on mobile devices. This will make it easier to view without losing customers.

Now that you have created your great profile, it would be of no worth if people are not noticing it. One of the best ways to reach customers is by tapping into influencer marketing. Businesses are hiring influencers today to endorse their brand. Millions of their followers are actually taking note of their reviews and to tell you, influencers are an authority. They can undoubtedly get your business noticed.

Use the power of Hashtags to boost up your clothing line

Hashtags started on Twitter. It starts with “#” and includes a series of words. Hashtags are used to gain support for a cause, build a company’s brand and start a conversation. Statistics show that you need to use hashtags in your marketing plan. You cannot use a hashtag without a marketing strategy. Hashtags are separated into categories: campaign, trending, brand and content hashtags.

How To Promote Clothing Line HashtagsTo determine the best hashtag for your clothing line marketing strategy, you want to start by figuring out your company’s identity. You want to determine the identity and niche of your company and what do you want to convey about your brand. Next, brainstorm hashtags. Make a list of all possible hashtags you want to use. Do a little research to ensure the hashtags you thought up not used.

Once you have researched and found unused hashtags, choose the one you want to use. The last step is to use your hashtag.

Hashtags are a popular marketing idea for a clothing line because it is an easy way to gain positive exposure for the company. With a campaign hashtag, you can generate interest in your clothing line. You may also include a contest or sale in your hashtag to boost your clothing line.

When you are using a hashtag on Instagram, you are adding one or more of them to your video or photo. Instagram does not include a separate hashtag section on its site. You can post your picture, then add your hashtag to the comment section.  Any hashtag sign will turn blue once it is posted. You want to use a limited number of hashtags so you post does not seem spammy. If you want to know how popular your hashtag is, there is an app for that. Actually, there are several tools to help you. These hashtag tracking tools let you track your social presence on the Internet.

Use Unique Lifestyle Photos that Capture Your Clothing Life

Do not let the term “lifestyle photo” confuse you. You are probably familiar when the photographs added to a newspaper or magazine article that capture a subject perfectly posed. These photojournalism pictures are used in social media marketing too. A lifestyle photo should be used to showcase your clothing whether they are on hangers, models or placed on a flat surface.

When using lifestyle photos to promote your clothing line, you must make the right choices and avoid the easy mistakes. For instance, it is best to have either a model or everyday person wear your clothes in a lifestyle photo. However, whether you are using a model or everyday person to wear your clothes in the photo, do not use them more than three times during a marketing campaign.

How To Promote Clothing Line Authentic And Less StagedAlso, you want to show the clothing in the correct environment. It will not make sense to Instagram users if you have a model wear a tank top in snowy weather. This does not mean you cannot be creative. Just express your brand in a way that makes sense and engages the customer.

Take pictures where people are not looking directly into the camera. This will give your lifestyle photo a more authentic and less staged look. Think of the lifestyle photo as a glossy advertisement similar to the ones you see in the fashion magazines. Many clothing small business owners miss out of the opportunity to use their lifestyle photos to their advantage because they try to do too much. For instance, use the wrong background that prevents the clothing from being the star of the photo. Also, they use the wrong lighting. Instead of using natural light, they use harsh artificial light which does not showcase the clothing.

Connect and Relate to Your Instagram Followers

The most positive result of promoting your clothing line on Instagram is that you will build a number of followers. These followers are interested in your clothing and may be repeat customers. Once you have these followers, your must cultivate a relationship with them and keep them engaged in your clothing line.

Engagement leads to loyalty and repeat customers. It also leads to word-of-mouth. This means that your customers tell their friends and family about your clothing line. They seek you out on Instagram and may begin buying your clothes.

Traditional customer engagement involved sending newsletters out, alerting customers to new blogs and having discounts. However, Instagram customer engagement is different.

How To Promote Clothing Line Customer RelationshipYou can engage directly with customers in a variety of ways. For instance, you can respond to comments posted to Instagram. Do not try to respond to all of them, but some of them. As your followers questions about fashion and their personal styles. This will keep them engaged and make them feel like you care. Like other Instagram posts. Your followers may post a picture or video and tag you. Stay engaged with your customers by taking interest in what they post.

If you are not comfortable hitting the Like button, try asking fill-in-the-blank questions about fashion and their personal style. This will keep them engaged with your clothing line. Create plenty of hashtags.

Provide Your Clothing Line’s Instagram Followers with Special Freebies and Promotions

How To Promote Clothing Line FreebiesPart of customer engagement is interacting with customers. You build brand loyalty and keep customers intrigued about the additions to your clothing line. You can gear hashtags to inform customers about sales, discounts and promotions. However, Instagram has a secret that many clothing companies do not take advantage of: freebies. Instagram users are just like any other consumer. They love freebies. In fact, Instagram users will follow you in exchange for a freebie. It does not have to be an expensive item.

There is a tool called Instagram Sweepstakes by Easypromos. These giveaways are limited promotions. You promise to give clothing or a clothing accessory away to one or more participants who meet the requirements. The requirements may include commenting on a photo, following your clothing line profile and mention friends.

You can also sponsor a contest on Instagram to increase your followers and retain them through customer engagement.

Promote Your Clothing Line on other Social Media Sites

Did you know that Instagram allows you to connect your other social media sites? By connecting Instagram with other social media sites, you give your customers more options to engage with you and buy items.

For instance, many Baby Boomers and Generation X love Facebook. You can connect your Facebook page to your Instagram and reach users without an Instagram account.

Your Instagram Customers are Waiting

The best part about having an Instagram marketing campaign for your clothing line is something called Insights. Insights is built-in tool to monitor you progress on Instagram.

If you are looking for a way to become involved in community outreach and help people make a difference in the world, Henosis Brands is the best choice for starting a free branded t-shirt like while being philanthropic. It costs you nothing, but you an enormous amount back to the community.

Now you know how to promote clothing line on Instagram, tell us what you think. Are you ready to market your clothing line on Instagram?

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