About Henosis

Unite The Community, Unite The World!

Henosis will change the way consumers buy and sell clothing. Our grassroots, community outreach approach gives the power back to the people and provides anyone willing to make a difference the tools to be able to do so. For too long consumers were forced to purchase clothes that only supported the company they purchased them from. Henosis is here to change that!

Through the Henosis crowd sourced platform, Ambassadors are matched with creatives from across the World to create unique and exclusive designs that are put on apparel options of the Ambassadors choice.

Each brand launched through our ecosystem is created by a Unity Ambassador with an unyielding desire to leave a lasting impression on the World. They select a Charity they would like to support and each item sold in their line generates revenue for that Charity.

All designs are unique and exclusive to that brand and no two designs will be the same. When you support a Henosis brand, you KNOW it was created to be something more than just another clothing line. We want our customers to wear our apparel with the same pride our brands have for the charity they support.

By launching your clothing line through Henosis, you are joining us in our vision to Unite the Community to Unite the World. Don’t just make money, make a difference!

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a new platform for consumers to buy and sell clothing. By helping people launch clothing lines that generate revenue for Charities across the World, we will create a culture of giving that will stretch Worldwide.

Our Promise

Our promise is to keep our focus on generating revenue for charities and on a bi-annual basis, we will distribute checks to Charities selected by our Unity Ambassadors.