Unity Ambassadors come from all walks of life, from every corner of the World. They are those that have a desire to make a difference and are willing to do something about it. By joining our exclusive ecosystem, you are joining a Global network of entrepreneurs, creatives and consumers who share your desire for change.

Every brand launched through Henosis is tied to a Charity hand selected by the Unity Ambassador, and every item sold in their line generates revenue for the Charity they selected. Creating a customized clothing line and generating revenue for Charities across the World has never been easier.

By beginning your brand’s life cycle using Henosis’s free crowd sourced platform, not only are you adding an additional revenue stream for yourself, but also providing jobs for Graphic Designers and Photographers Worldwide. By uniting as a community, we can unite the World. Don’t just make money, make a difference!


If this were 2005, you could throw up a website for your business, and that would be enough. Now, you need more. A lot more.

Your brand connects you to people looking for exactly what you can give. These people aren’t a general audience. They are a group of individuals so on board with your brand mission that they’ll purchase from you every single time.

So how do you find this group of super-fans? Word-of-mouth marketing is the best way to create an organic following because you are part of their community. Getting involved in the community directly, and not just asking them to spend money on your product or service, cements a strong bond between you and your customers.

A brand awareness campaign isn’t a shallow advertising ploy. It’s a way for your brand mission to make a positive mark on a community. It increases awareness through a direct impact on your surrounding community.

People find you because they share the same values and vision. You aren’t just a business anymore. You are a way for people to put their money toward a shared value. Suddenly, someone is more likely to share a referral because they care deeply about the shared vision you have.

And it isn’t just about finding your super-fans. Caring about the community around you helps build a strong, thriving local economy. When the community is healthy, more people are able to take part in your services or purchase your products. This reciprocal -relation ship is a healthy circle.

Don’t be a brand that only takes. Be a brand that makes a difference. Use your platform and your influence to make a positive mark on communities, and your audience will find you.


A brand awareness campaign is more than just marketing a product or service. Your brand is your vision for what you want to see in the world. Your service or product fits into that vision and helps to bring it to life.

Increasing brand awareness is all about finding your tribe. When people identify with your vision and see themselves a part of it, they naturally gravitate to the types of products and services you sell. They are more likely to share a referral, and more liable to hype your business through word-of-mouth.

People trust their tribes. You can’t fake this kind of exposure. When you partner with a company that helps connect you to causes you believe in, it’s simple to build a reputation for your brand.

Entrepreneurs have so much to do and so much to remember. Getting quality exposure can feel overwhelming. It’s necessary to build your business, but with all the details and research involved in an awareness campaign, you might miss your target.

Branding through community support and charities that match your brand vision makes a huge impact on your business growth. Brand ambassadorships give you a clearer idea of how to build brand awareness in the most efficient manner.

The campaign is an extension of your brand mission and your marketing plan. It’s also a reflection of your commitment to making the world a better place through your business. Brands that have a strong social conscience do better in the jaded world of web marketing because it shows that you aren’t removed from the real world.

It isn’t optional to build brand awareness. It’s a fundamental component to a comprehensive marketing plan, and building a business with a social conscience. Find your super-fans and start building a shared vision together.


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